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"Who knew Fairbanks was so fabulous! " Michelle

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Fashion: Fairbanks style

“You write these things, and you think somebody’s going to mention them, and a week goes by and the phone doesn’t ring and you start to think, ‘I’m a fraud! … Continue reading

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Secrets and Pies

When I returned to Fairbanks on July 31, after spending 5 1/2 months in New York City, I was eager to participate in one summer activity in particular: berry picking. … Continue reading

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Modern Fairbanks

Anesthesiologist Randy McGregor and his wife, Leeann Ferlito, arrived in Fairbanks to house hunt 30 years ago and knew they wanted something interesting. What they didn’t realize was that they’d end up buying a piece of art.

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365 Days of Print: The Final Three

My attempt to participate in 365 Days of Print for the final 31 days of 2011 comes to close with these last three collages.  It was definitely a challenge to … Continue reading

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365 Days of Print: Dec 28

I was deep into the Burroughs-ian segment of my “beat” education by the time I began negotiating my first employment contract. It was too late. Burroughs had already embedded the … Continue reading

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365 Days of Print: Dec 27

While speaking with a Fairbanks local today I mentioned that one of my favorite things about this town is that there’s a real sense of community here. She exclaimed incredulously, … Continue reading

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365 Days of Print: Dec 26

A few weeks ago my cousin told me that there had been some thought that maybe I was never supposed to be born. She didn’t put it exactly like that. … Continue reading

December 26, 2011 · 1 Comment

365 Days of Print: Dec 22

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365 Days of Print: Dec 21

A little cubomania to celebrate the solstice.

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365 Days of Print: Dec 20

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365 of Print: Dec 12

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365 Days of Print: Dec 8

A good friend of mine just landed a fab new job. It’s nice to be a freelance creative, flitting about all willy-nilly and having the freedom of fluidity. But it’s … Continue reading

December 8, 2011 · 2 Comments

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