AK vs AK

"Who knew Fairbanks was so fabulous! " Michelle


I’ve been working on a post about architecture in Fairbanks and I’m in the midst of email conversations with two local architects but before I actually post anything on the … Continue reading

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365 Days of Print: Dec 6

There are haikus in today’s paper. I’m not sure if they are part of the Holiday Haiku contest that the News-Miner is running but they – plus the fact that … Continue reading

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365 Days of Print: Dec 5

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What to do when it warms up in Fairbanks!

What do you do when it warms up in Fairbanks? Nothing. The trouble with it warming up (30 and above) is that things melt but not in the same way … Continue reading

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365 Days of Print: December 2

I put the word “Power” on this collage but it’s wrong. I should have been “faith” or “believe” or…”hope.”  Hope that someone is listening, that we can get along, that … Continue reading

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365 Days of Print

I’ve been planning  intending to unofficially take part in 365 Days of Print for the last few months and…well, better late than never. The Daily News-Miner is, I feel, in … Continue reading

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many ways of goodbye

Drew’s granddaddy died yesterday. It brought to mind a quote I’d been carrying around my whole adult life — something about November being the best month to die. My mother … Continue reading

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Me and the Trains and Nebraska and Alaska

Yeah, so me and the train thing. I once drove 1500 miles to see the town of North Platte, Nebraska. During World War II, North Platte was a place that … Continue reading

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AK vs AK: The Images

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Twist. Turn. Climb. Dip. As Fairbanks grows into a faint twinkle in the rear view mirror, treasures await ahead. The streets offer hints: Goldstream, Gold Bearing, Goldpoke, Gold Vein. There’s … Continue reading

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The Fairbanks Ghost Bike

There is a ghost bike in Fairbanks. Just one. And it was erected in honor  of 14-year-old Kirsten Shaye Tompkins who was killed last summer. When Drew and I arrived … Continue reading

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4,243 Miles

I’m back in NYC. Fairbanks is 4,243 miles away. 3 days by car. 12 hours by plane (including airport travel and plane changes). Fairbanks looks feels very small from here. … Continue reading

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