AK vs AK

"Who knew Fairbanks was so fabulous! " Michelle

The Place Where You Go To Listen


It’s quiet here. Dead quiet. Deafeningly so. I’m not complaining though. New York City is the annoying polar (no pun intended) opposite.

There’s a lot of talk/mention/notation about the light here and its absence and how it changes. That concept of the environment and light and change was the basis for the RFP for the the new art installation that will go in the green space in downtown Fairbanks. And it’s the most elusive light – the Northern Lights – that enabled Fairbanks to end up on Lonely Planet’s list of “Top 10 US Travel Destinations for 2013.”

But what about the sound? The Place Where You Go To Listen, at the UAF Museum of the North, addresses that:

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