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Top 3 Bands in Fairbanks (Part 2)

For part two of “Best Bands in Fairbanks,” I got some input from Caleb Kuntz (musician, promoter, moustache aficionado) who left Fairbanks in August to attend film school at The University of Texas at Austin:

I don’t live in Fairbanks anymore, but I only left in August, so I’m sure my opinion is at least slightly relevant.

Best musicians:

#1 – Chad File of Work, Feeding Frenzy, UAF ensembles and whatever other bands he finds himself in. He’s arguably the best/most inventive drummer in Fairbanks, while also playing the malleted instruments beautifully and also the guitar and bass.

#2 – Seth White of ProMusic…don’t know if he’s in a band at the moment. He’s been in multiple metal bands and last I heard he had been hosting open mics at Ivory Jack’s and playing in a duo group of gyspy like proportions. (Probably one of the best, if not the best, guitarist in Fairbanks, AK)

#3 – Rebecca File of Feeding Frenzy, Haifa, UAF ensembles, and her solo act. Not only is her voice nearly perfect, but she plays the melodica, piano, saw, and guitar and she uses a loop pedal live nearly flawlessly.

If you don’t know who any of these musicians are I recommend you look into them. Fairbanks is famous for reclusive artists.

One comment on “Top 3 Bands in Fairbanks (Part 2)

  1. suesprinkle
    January 19, 2012

    I vote for Red Hackle Pipe Band as a “best band.”

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