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"Who knew Fairbanks was so fabulous! " Michelle

365 Days of Print: Dec 27

While speaking with a Fairbanks local today I mentioned that one of my favorite things about this town is that there’s a real sense of community here. She exclaimed incredulously, “Really??”

Yes, really.

When someone goes missing, maybe falls through the ice, a house burns down, an elder passes away, a high school needs votes to win a contest, a kid has cancer, a soldier returns from overseas, an owl’s taken flight, a moose gets stuck in the ice, your car veers into a ditch…there always seems to be a search party, a pot luck, a potlatch, a visit from a firefighter, a welcoming committee, someone with a tow strap.

In a very loose nod to Romare Bearden‘s exquisite “The Block,” I give you “The Banks.”

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